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FOLK (Friends of Lake Kapowsin) Event Dates:

WDFW WATER ACCESS SITE - 29405 Orville Rd E, Graham, WA 98338

May 10 – 5:30 – 7:00 (7:30 if needed)    Planning Meeting

                        probably at Graham Fire station 94

June 14 - 5:30 – 7:30   Planning Meeting

                        probably at Graham Fire station 94

July 7 - 10 to 2 PM 2018 Lake Celebration Event

                        WDFW WATER ACCESS SITE - 29405 Orville Rd E, Graham, WA 98338

Due to rapid growth the city has experienced in recent years, the Gig Harbor City Council passed Ordinance No.1383 on February 12th immediately imposing a six-month moratorium on development. At the March 26th city council meeting, the community expressed interest in minor modification to the ordinance, therefore the city will continue to evaluate public input. Potential code changes to regulate the pace and character of growth are currently being assessed and will be adopted later this summer.

We want to hear from you
During this period, the city is seeking input from citizens and residents. Help us forge a plan for the next 20-years and future generations. Our goal is to establish a road map for growth throughout Gig Harbor. 
We need you to tell us what you like. Do you, and where would you like to see growth occur? Would you like to preserve the historic waterfront? Do you want to see a range of housing types and price levels? Do you dream of more open space?
You can help us by being part of the solution in the following ways:
  1. Attend the May 7, 2018 City Council Planning & Building Committee meeting at 5:30pm in the A/B Community Rooms;
  2. Attend the upcoming Planning Commission meeting-please refer to the City’s Residential Moratorium Website for meeting time and details;
  3. Attend the April 23,2018 City Council meeting at 5:30pm.
We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you.

For the April 12th message from our Mayor please see this letter.
Click on the link below for more information on the City of Gig Harbor Municipal Code (GHMC)
Click here for a complete list of all upcoming meetings
Click here for a complete list of all public notices
 City of Gig Harbor | 3510 Grandview St | Gig Harbor, WA 98335 | (253) 851-6170 | (253) 858-6408 (fax) 

Lake Kapowsin Appreciation Day July 7, 2018

What: Lake Kapowsin Appreciation Day to celebrate Lake Kapowsin with displays and activities for adults and kids about the history of the area, water safety with US coast guard, geology, fish and fishing, nature, birds, frogs and animals, and special info about the lake.

Where: Lake Kapowsin, Dept of Fish and Wildlife boat launch

  • ·      29405 Orville Rd E, Graham, WA 98338

When: July 7, 2018 from 10:00 am – 2:00 p.m.


  • ·      Lake Kapowsin is a unique ecological treasure in the region
  • ·      There was once a bustling town along the shore (unknown to many)
  • ·      Bring the community together for a fun celebration
  • ·      Learn really cool things about Lake Kapowsin

Who should attend: Everyone! Especially families and kids, and anyone that cares about this special lake

How you can help: Bring an Activity or Display or help with planning (contact Birdie Davenport 360-902-1073 or

Sponsor the event: donate supplies or printing, loan canopies

Facebook:   Friends of Lake Kapowsin Aquatic Reserve 


Email: FOLK Aquatic Reserve

Looking for all Pierce County wetlands

In Washington, the existing statewide wetland maps (National Wetlands Inventory [NWI] maps) are out of date and inaccurate in many locations. They are based on imagery and data from the 1980s and do not reflect current wetland location and extent.

Additionally, wetlands are missing from the NWI maps. These errors of omission have been recorded to be as high as 50% in some areas, and may be as high as 90% in some forested areas. Inaccuracies and errors of omission are due in part to the difficulty of photo-interpreting certain land cover types. Also, many wetlands on agricultural lands were not mapped.

The NWI classified wetlands to identify wetland habitat types. It lacks abiotic information such as landscape position, landform, and water flow path, which can be used to predict functions and, in combination with land uses, wetland condition. To complete this project, the University of Washington will use remote sensing data sources, such as LiDAR, high-resolution aerial imagery, Landsat imagery, digital elevation data, hydrography, and updated soil maps provide an opportunity to address these known shortcomings. Moreover, recent developments in automated remote sensing technologies allow for more efficient coverage of large areas.

An improved, statewide map of wetland location and type is critical to the ability of local governments to protect wetlands. Under the Growth Management and Shoreline Management Acts, local governments play a critical role in wetland protection and management. They do this through comprehensive planning, zoning, and permit review. Planners and permit reviewers rely on existing NWI maps for these processes. A few local jurisdictions have conducted their own wetland inventories and improved their maps, but these are limited due to lack of resources, and none have predicted functions and conditions of wetlands. This leaves many local governments with inadequate maps and information on local wetlands, and the state with uneven coverage.

This project will improve the ability to more efficiently and accurately identify the location, size, and type of wetland resource. available as a publicly accessible, web-based map. Information about the maps, and any analyses using the data, will be disseminated through articles and presentations to state and federal agencies, and local governments and planners.


From Pierce County: 

The Regulation Roadmap for Agriculture is now posted on the Pierce County Farming website:  The Regulation Roadmap was developed to assist producers to identify possible permits and licenses needed to produce and sell farm products.  It also identifies the primary regulatory agencies dealing with farm products.



The Regulation Roadmap for Agriculture project is a partnership with the Agriculture Community of Interest, Pierce County Agriculture Program and Tacoma Pierce Health Department.



Diane Marcus-Jones  | Senior Planner | Pierce County Planning and Public Works| (253)798-2616 |

2401 South 35th Street, Room 175, Tacoma, WA, 98409-7490 |  |

Puget Sound Canoe banner

November 2, 2017

MEDIA CONTACT: Cathy Cochrane, 360.790.7958, 

Friends of Pierce County  would like you to support
Used Car for Bud (FPC President)
by making a donation and helping spread the word.
Friends of Pierce County President, Bud Rehberg, has been involved in volunteering for numerous communities throughout Pierce County for over 25 years. He has done it all on his time and has made sure that Pierce County has made better decisions to protect the environment and save farmland. 
Over the past year, Bud has not been able to get to public meetings and board meetings because his 1964 car broke down and he cannot repair it. We are asking folks to help Bud - trying to raise funds so that he can buy a used car. The goal is $7,000. If you have a used car you can donate, please let us know. Please help Bud so he can continue to work for citizens of Pierce County. Thank you!
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Friends of Pierce County is a 501(c) non-profit organization. 

8205 90th Street Ct. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98332

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